Experimental Cardiology

Blanche Schroen is professor of Experimental Cardiology at the Cardiology department. She obtained her master degree in Biological Health Sciences from Maastricht University in 2002. During and after her PhD (2006) at Maastricht University, department of Cardiology, she specialized in molecular genetics and cell biological mechanisms of heart failure susceptibility.  

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Doing research is team work. The laboratory of Experimental Cardiology at Maastricht University is the home of several principle investigators and team leaders, including Prof Stephane Heymans, Dr Marc van Bilsen, Dr Vanessa van Empel, Prof Blanche Schroen, Prof Leon de Windt, Dr Paula da Costa Martins, Prof Paul Volders, Prof Antony Zaza and Dr Jordi Heijman. Together, they share a common and passionate interest in finding solutions for the ever-growing population with heart disease. They work closely together with the clinical part of the department of Cardiology, headed by Prof Harry Crijns and Prof Hans-Peter Brunner La Rocca. Active and open communication lines between experimental and clinical researchers are the way forward towards new diagnostic and therapeutic options for heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. 

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